The Most Advanced Protection Against Bacteria Dust Viruses Allergens Gases Odors, Cabin Air Filter for Hyundai, Kia, GM

Installation Video


  • Seven Stage Patented Protection From Dust, Allergens And Harmful Gases- The Most Advanced Cabin Filtration On The Market
  • Both Sides Of The Filter Are Equally Protected With Activated Coconut Shell Carbon – NO MORE Dreaded Airflow Arrow!
  • Reinforced Framing Surrounding The Entire Perimeter Provides Unmatched Stability And Sealing To Prevent Contaminated Air Bypassing The Filter
  • Two Layers Of Activated Carbon, Four Layers Of Colbond Long Fiber, and One Electrostatic Nonwooven Needle Punch Cloth Provides Unmatched Filtration NOTE- Airflow Will Be Reduced Given Its Efficiency, Therefore This Filter Is Not For Extreme Climates Where High Airflow Is Needed
  • This Filter Is Made For Those That Care About The Air They Breathe- Satisfaction Guaranteed Engine Air Filter Also Available For Hyundai/Kia Applications The Cleenaire EAF10881


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