air-quality-carThe importance of filtering the air in the cabin of your vehicle can not be overstated. The inside of your automobile is up to six times more toxic than even the outside air. This is simply because your car or truck takes in the air that is in front of you on the roadway, which is full of carbon monoxide, benzene, viruses, bacteria and other harmful toxins.

Cleenaire has developed our cabin filters to give you and your passengers the protection that you need to keep from breathing in these harmful toxins and keep you and your family healthy.

The patented seven stage filtering process is the most advanced cabin filtration on the market. Two layers of coconut shell activated carbon work to catch the harmful gases and odors, combined with four layers of non woven long fiber, and topped off by the main layer of electrostatic needle punch non-woven fiber. This filter is designed to catch particles down to 1 micron.

NO NEED FOR THE AIRFLOW ARROW, with both sides of this filter layered in active carbon, the two sides are the same. Eliminating the most frustrating part of changing your filter! The additional layer of activated carbon gives you the added benefit of keeping your vehicle smelling fresh and clean.

The deep pleated design allows for a high airflow rate, which keeps the filtered air flowing strong out of the a/c vents.

We then combine this unsurpassed filtering media with four sided, thick construction to keep the filter in place and to prevent air from going around the filter.

If you are truly concerned about the air that you breath, then this is the cabin air filter for you.