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Almost everyone knows to change their oil filter regularly to keep the engine healthy, however, very few people are aware that there is an even more important filter inside their vehicle that should be changed. It is the cabin filter that protects YOUR health. So congratulations on being one of the lucky few to take action.It is a known fact that breathing dirty air is unhealthy and causes many illness. And yet, millions of people get into their car, truck, or SUV every day and breathe air that is SIX times more toxic than even the air outside. They have no protection from the exhaust fumes coming in from the cars ahead, or the road dust, bacteria, and allergens that are coming out of the vents and ending up in their lungs. This is because most OEM filters that come from the manufacture are a single stage paper media that do little more than keep the bugs and leaves out of the HVAC system. The good news is that they recommend replacing your cabin filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. It is usually a very simple task that can be completed in minutes. By chosing Cleenaire for your next change, you will finally breathe clean air!


Our Filters:

  • Seven Stage Patented Protection From Dust, Allergens And Harmful Gases- The Most Advanced Cabin Filtration On The Market
  • Both Sides Of The Filter Are Equally Protected With Activated Coconut Shell Carbon – NO MORE Dreaded Airflow Arrow!
  • Reinforced Framing Surrounding The Entire Perimeter Provides Unmatched Stability And Sealing To Prevent Contaminated Air Bypassing The Filter
  • Deep Pleated Design For High Airflow (1200 mm/s) While Maintaining Superior Filtration
  • This Filter Is Made For Those That Care About The Air They And Their Passengers Breathe- Satisfaction Guaranteed
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